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Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing is the process of grinding, densifying, and honing concrete to a smooth surface. The grinding process starts with a low grit diamond, then progressively increasing the grit to a smooth 800 – 3,000 grit level.


The concrete is also treated with a chemical densifier. The densifier hardens and seals the concrete from within, eliminating the need for a topical coating or sealer. The high-grit polished finish is ideal for high traffic areas and has many benefits over other flooring options.


Decrease in floor maintenance

and cleaning costs

Increased strength and durability

Increase ambient light reflection

Elimination of tire marks

GREEN – Qualify for LEED credits

Easy to maintain

No waxing and stripping

Non-slip surface

Decrease tire wear and tear

Elimination of dusting

Beautiful and aesthetic

Lowest flooring life cycle cost


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