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Garage Epoxy

Give your garage the look and feel of an interior room that you can drive on. All garage floors installed by Del Sol Coatings feature top of the line coatings. Our floors are economical, low maintenance, and take from one to three days to install.


One of the main keys to our durable floors is the care and attention towards the surface preparation process. Whether your floor is new or old, we have the right equipment to properly treat concrete for guaranteed adhesion.


Our Urethane, Polyaspartic, or Epoxy Coatings are high solid tow component heavy duty coatings formulated for the most demanding requirements. They dry to a tough, high gloss finish with excellent resistance to chemical attack, alkali, abrasion and corrosion. The Decorative Flake Coatings are easy to clean and do an excellent job hiding dirt.

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